Felix Elling

Twitter: @lipidorama

Group leader

I study molecular fingerprints of present and past microbial life and interactions of microbes with geochemical cycles and climate. My main tools are lipidomics via high-resolution mass spectrometry, compound-specific stable isotope analysis, experimental microbiology, phylogenetics and biochemical analyses.

CV (updated 08/2021)

Jan Kleint


I develop state-of-the-art analytical tools such as an in situ mass spectrometer to study greenhouse gas cycling in aquatic systems and their release to the atmosphere and the spooling-wire microcombustion-IRMS to reveal the isotopic systematics of organic compounds.

See also Jan’s website at MARUM

Chris Rosendahl

PhD student

Chris studies how the carbon and hydrogen isotopic composition of archaeal lipids can be used as paleoenvironmental proxies.

Xiaoxiao Zhao

PhD student

Xiaoxiao studies how microbes responded to past changes in Earth’s climate.