We are equipped for aerobic and anaerobic microbiological cultivation from 0-100°C.

We routinely grow a range of meso- and extremophilic bacteria and archaea, including ammonia-oxidizers, nitrite-oxidizers, and cyanobacteria.

Selected equipment:

-Biosafety cabinet (class II)
-Fluorescence microscope
-8 incubators with up to 800 L capacity, T range 0-100 °C
-Large-volume autoclave
-UV/VIS Photospectrometer
-Gassing station


Our main analytical workflow is lipidomics. We are equipped for lipid extraction, purification, and analysis from sediment, water, and biomass samples.

Selected equipment:

-Agilent 1260 HPLC-MS with fraction collector
-Moving wire IRMS interface (housed at MARUM)